QuickBooks Training

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This QuickBooks class is an 8-week training class to help small businesses take control of their bookkeeping. Every Saturday, learners will spend 2 hours in an in-person meeting or online, in a lecture, and in a one-on-one assistance section to ensure the active engagement of all students.

Additionally, the instructor will provide an extra hour to answer student questions at his office, over the phone, or Zoom meetings.

Class Objectives:


  • To obtain general knowledge of basic accounting principles.

  • To be able to navigate the QuickBooks Online platform.

  • To be able to accurately record transactions.

  • To be able to properly populate necessary financial statements, such as Balance Sheets, Profit & Loss, and Statements of Cash Flow.

  • To be familiar with compatible QuickBooks Online apps to assist with other business solutions.

 Women's Entrepreneurship Program

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The African Chamber Women's Entrepreneurship Program is an 10-week program where women entrepreneurs and small business owners will gain the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to build, manage and scale a successful business.

Participants will learn about the following:

Legal Structures

  • Business Registration & Licensing

  • Business Models

  • Sources of Capital

  • Credit

  • Financial Documentation

  • Marketing

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