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Women's Entrepreneurship Program

Program Objective

The Women's Entrepreneurship Empowerment Program aims to equip, train, and empower women with the necessary skills, knowledge, and mindset to become successful and outstanding entrepreneurs. Over the course of 12 weeks, participants will engage in a comprehensive curriculum that covers various aspects of entrepreneurship, allowing them to develop their business ideas, enhance their leadership abilities, and establish strong networks.

Program Structure

  • Duration: 12 weeks

  • Frequency: Once a week

  • Session Duration: 2 hours

Topics that we will cover includes;  Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Ideation and Business Concept Development, Financial Management, Business Planning, Sales Strategies and Customer Acquisition and more...

Additional Components

  • Guest Speakers: Inviting successful women entrepreneurs and industry experts to share their experiences and insights.

  • Group Activities: Collaborative exercises, case studies, and group discussions to encourage interaction and practical application of concepts.

  • Mentorship: Pairing participants with experienced mentors for personalized guidance and support throughout the program.

Program Benefits

Upon completing the Women's Entrepreneurship Empowerment Program, participants will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to start and grow their businesses successfully. They will have a well-defined business plan, a strong network of fellow entrepreneurs, and the ability to navigate various challenges that come with entrepreneurship. By providing a holistic curriculum and a supportive learning environment, this program will contribute to fostering a new generation of empowered and impactful women entrepreneurs.

EmergeUp   (Summer Youth Program)

Program Overview:

EmergeUp is an exciting new youth business program by the Colorado African Chamber of Commerce aimed at fostering entrepreneurship among young people between 13 and 19 years old in Colorado. The six-week program seeks to equip participants with the necessary skills, resources, and support to embark on their entrepreneurial journey. 

Key Features:

EmergeUp will conduct interactive workshops facilitated by industry experts. Participants will gain insights into various aspects of entrepreneurship, including business planning, market research, financial management, and marketing strategies. These workshops will equip them with practical knowledge and skills essential for running a successful business.


Each participant will access a mentor who is an experienced entrepreneur or industry professional. The mentor will provide guidance, support, and advice tailored to the individual's business goals. This one-on-one mentorship will help participants refine their business ideas, navigate challenges, and make informed decisions.

We recognize the power of networking and we aim to connect participants with like-minded individuals, industry experts, and potential investors. Networking events and collaborations will provide valuable opportunities for participants to expand their professional network, seek partnerships, and gain exposure to new markets.

Seed Funding:
We understand the financial constraints faced by young entrepreneurs. To address this challenge, the program offers seed funding opportunities for participants with promising business ideas. This funding will provide a kick-start to their ventures, allowing them to develop prototypes, conduct market testing, and secure initial customers.

Incubation Support: 
We will provide participants with access to shared workspaces, resources, and industry-specific experts during the incubation period. This support will enable participants to work in a conducive environment, receive guidance, and refine their business models. The program also offers access to legal and financial advisory services, ensuring a strong foundation for their entrepreneurial endeavors.

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